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My Story

FEATURED PRODUCT Night Sweats Sleepwear
Practical PJs crafted in luxurious, moisture-wicking fabric for quick-drying comfort.
Details ...
My name is Anne Best, and I am the originator of Night Sweats Sleepwear from PerformanceSleepwear.

In December 2000, when I was 43 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As too many of you know, it is a suffocating, life-altering, terrifying, painful and emotional time when nothing seems real. While those around me continued life as usual, I knew that I would never be the person I was.

My family, friends, community and doctors were incredibly supportive. Thanks to the countless gifts of meals, car pools and birthday cakes, my four boys did not miss a beat of their young lives. And I was able to participate in everything, thanks in part to tapes of their concerts and sports events. The surgeries and chemotherapy were horrible but finite; however they left me with hot flashes that disrupted my days and nights. I woke up soaking wet and hot, then fell back to sleep only to wake up freezing cold in wet pajamas. I was uncomfortable and exhausted and my husband found it impossible to get sufficient sleep as well. We were determined to find a solution.

My husband, a former member of both the Canadian National Ski Team and Canadian Bobsled Team, suggested that I wear some of his high performance athletic wear to bed! For years, the athletic community has been taking advantage of wicking undergarments. The fabric comes in a variety of weights for specific temperatures. There have been many advances in these fabrics through the years. Using a super soft and silky weave we created an elegant and simple signature night gown which has been the solution to my sleepless nights. And, in response to customer requests, we expanded the range to suit other tastes and help with their hot flashes and night sweats.

Almost half of the world's population will experience night sweats due to illness or menopause. Finally, we can offer some help to the discomfort they cause. DryDreams moisture wicking sleepwear is practical, lovely and comfortable, and I personally can attest to the fact that it will bring you a good night sleep. Good luck. Please share your thoughts with us.

Anne Best was a key note speaker in the week-long tele-summit, From Surviving to Thriving, to bring together women who have had breast cancer with the goal to inspire them to transform their experience into something great. From Surviving to Thriving was hosted by Rochelle Togo-Figa, founder of "Your Life After Breast Cancer" which helps survivors learn how to reevaluate every part of their "new" life post breast cancer.

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