Made-in-usa Sleepwear

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The Made-in-usa Solution

We have been working with some of the most sophisticated fabric technicians to design sleepwear that will give you the best possible night's sleep. PerformanceSleepwear's specialized, wicking fabric is the key to comfortable sleeping. The term "wicking" refers to a fabric's ability to pull perspiration and other moisture away from the skin. PerformanceSleepwear's fabric treatment enhances wicking, allows soil release for easy cleaning of the fabric, and provides extra protect for odor control. The open knit construction of our garments also allows air to pass more easily through the fabric, allowing moisture to evaporate more freely, creating an air conditioning affect to keep you dry and comfortable.

Combining specialized material that wicks moisture away from your skin with great design, we are proud to offer Performance Sleepwear to you. The fabric keeps you from waking up freezing cold after the hot flash is over, while the design facilitates maximum coverage and feels like fine lingerie. You will love its comfort and cherish a complete night of sleep. See how PerformanceSleepwear's fabric works ...

Easy Care

In addition to moisture management properties, our fabric is very easy to care for. The sleepwear is machine washable in cold water, and you may either tumble dry on low or hang dry. There is very low shrinkage, and the garments' durability will withstand multiple washings. Do not use fabric softeners in the wash or dry cycle, as they will take away the wicking properties. You will notice that your garments dry very quickly and are wrinkle resistant.
Machine washable. Made in the USA.

Our Guarantee

We believe that you will find our sleepwear to be of the highest quality and to be exceptional in value. If for any reason you are not satisfied please return them to us for a full refund. We are so confident that you will be satisfied, here's our CEO's home phone number: (615) 330-2407. (yup kidding!) We are serious about what we do!

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